The importance of good images in converting online sales for travel

3 min readJan 15, 2021

In the age of “visually-driven commerce”, images are an important aspect of sales that allows the consumer to get a good idea of the product they are going to buy. Images are necessities even in E-Commerce with major E-commerce companies focused on how to enhance the consumer experience with images. Images provide an important impression for consumers when they are shopping online.

Intelligent Imaging
Intelligent Images

Images have become an important aspect of converting online sales as the internet continues to evolve from text-centric medium to a medium where people expect a multi-media experience of images, videos and other visual media. With this evolution of how the internet is experienced, consumers now prefer image-rich experiences over descriptive texts because images are a powerful tool that greatly affects how people judge a product.
Customers today have high expectations with E-Commerce companies and their ability to present a product and provide an interactive and high-quality experience. The key to good imaging in E-commerce is consistency and quality. Consistency and quality of images influence and impact the conversion rate of the product. Consumers expect the highest quality of an image when browsing through products.

Consumers who browse products on websites want to see the products they’re considering for purchase represented by the highest quality image possible. It is not possible to sell a product without images in today’s E-commerce market, so it is pivotal to display high-quality images. High-quality images would provide consumers with confidence with a product and low-quality images would make consumers distance themselves from those products.
Sheila Dahlgren, senior vice president of marketing at Scene7 says “Customers convert at a much higher rate and buy more when the product imagery on a site is better. Customers are three times more likely to buy online when retailers offer rich imagery with the ability to zoom, pan, and see colour options and alternative views of the merchandise, along with the products presented in context or on a model”. High-quality images help create a brand value for the product therefore E-commerce companies have recognised the need to enhance the consumer experience by making images a more interactive. Images need to be more interactive as it helps create an online visualisation for customers helping to enhance the experience.
Images are a pivotal tool in selling a travel product online. Images provide a clear idea about the product and its geographical surroundings. Using high-quality images of the travel product helps in converting sales for the company. Images of a travel product can attract attention and is a more transparent tool for consumers to evaluate a travel product.

Intelligent imaging is powered by artificial intelligence that analyses data and finds value and patterns in the imaging. This makes images pivotal insights for the consumer and thus greatly influences decision making. The continuous evolution of natural language processing and machine learning have created precise analytical tools that can help vendors create consumer profiles and use machine learning software to create a hyper-personalized user experience. As the consumer continues to engage with the vendor, the software can continuously learn more about the consumer and help in evolving the user interface to meet the desired aesthetics of the consumer.




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