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TechWorks.Travel Update

A patent is defined as an exclusive form of Intellectual Property (IP) that safeguards invention and restrict others from exploiting the patented innovation, technology or idea. Patents are granted only if it satisfies the conditions of patentability.

TechWorks.Travel is now a patent pending company after successfully filing an application with the Indian Patent Office. Our patent is titled “system and method of generating a quality index for experience centers using machine learning model”. We aim to build different ways to create a customer persona according to the appropriate travel packages. In this process, the demographic as well as the requirements of the customer are taken into account and then relevant features are displayed suiting his/her specific interests. Our USP includes features like- intelligent image and intelligent text for the system to recognize the given data and provide information accordingly.

We also include the process of human-interest mapping to gain a deeper insight into the customer’s preferences. Thereafter, the system shall look into the customer persona and the service mapping for the following facilities and activities. For instance, a mid-management business traveler may not require a conference room. Whereas, it can be a necessary input for an Executive Business Traveler. Moving forward, our USP will then compute the quality indices for difference hotels and rank them according to the above-mentioned preferences.

This process is one of the unique product features as provided by TechWorks for easing the steps to find the most appropriate travel or stay setting. As more and more data is generated every day based on our travel habits, AI and ML algorithms pull out equal number of insights and transform them into customized experiences.

When we started TechWorks.Travel, our aim was to revolutionize the travel industry. With a successful filing of the patent, it shows the right direction we are heading forward. We are in a position in the travel technology space to provide travel companies technology that would boost their operations.



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TechWorks uses advanced travel technology that de-dupes hotel content from multiple sources & provides smart personalized bookable data that guarantees profits.