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A TechWorks.Travel Product update

3 min readMar 9, 2021

One of TechWorks.Travel key feature is easy hotel integration to multiple suppliers. Hotel integration is the act of bringing together hotel-related information, both dynamic and static content from multiple travel suppliers into one key platform to be accessed. This includes information like a description of the hotel, all available images from the information supplier, rates & the availability of rooms in the hotel.

Hotel integration is mainly done by travel companies who want to set up a high-quality online platform that provides their consumers with a comprehensive look at the available hotels. When travel companies can bring information from multiple suppliers, the travel company can provide consumers with the whole picture.

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When a travel company partners TechWorks.Travel to get consolidated hotel integration that would bring them a multitude of benefits. The TechWorks.Travel team would work to integrate the supplier information from the API (Application Programming Interface) key provided by the information supplier to one platform making it easily accessible for all stakeholders involved. Travel companies can negotiate specific deals with each supplier based on their needs and TechWorks.Travel will work to integrate them.

The TechWorks.Travel team consists of highly qualified and experienced individuals that would optimise the online of travel companies thus allowing the travel company to develop their expertise. The TechWorks.Travel would easily integrate supplier information into your existing system making the process less time consuming and more cost-effective as there would be no need to hire specialists to integrate the supplier information.

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Travel companies can easily access static information and conduct B2C, B2B, and B2E business. TechWorks.Travel hotel integration provides holistic information on room type, images, facilities and provide real-time room availability. You can get all data like location, pricing, accessibility, and allow customers to categorize based on prices and reviews. The TechWorks.Travel team will also work on intelligent imaging and text meaning we will create customer personas, recognise what persona is accessing the website and provide the right images and text based on the customer accessing the website. For example, if an individual is searching for hotels for a family vacation, the artificial intelligence would recognise that and recommend hotels most popular for family vacations and bring forward pictures that a family would want to see about a hotel, they would also get text relevant to what they want to experience. The TechWorks.Travel would also work on de-duplication of content. Each of these aspects would be elaborated on over the coming weeks and months so please stay tuned for that.

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