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Going-live refers to a period in the development process when something becomes available for commercial use and distribution. A business goes live when the goals of its project are accomplished and desired outcome is produced. It also makes the project accessible for further realization and maintenance. It is the stage embracing the timeframe and development between project completion and handover.

In software development, go-live is the point at which code moves from the test environment to the production environment. It is when the system is officially and formally available to users who can then initiate transactions in the new system. The go-live of an enterprise technology project is the culmination of weeks, months and sometimes even years of groundwork, project planning, preparation, execution, monitoring and controls involving a company’s internal and external stakeholders.

TechWorks aim to create personalized high-end technology for the travel and hospitality industry. It has been working successfully in providing intelligent and personalized solutions using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. TechWorks.Travel products APIs will not just help bookings but build a wealth of customer intelligence and personalization that will look minutely at images, maps, places of interest, hotel types, room types, amenities, descriptions, pricing and all such key insights.

TechWorks provides high quality deduped content and use image mapping technology to serve the right image to the right booker. It also understands NLP-ML meticulously and customize content based on traveler type as well as declutter the process for the seller and travel buyer. These products and features of the company strengthen the processes of intelligent compression, data standardization as well as review processing and generate crucial insights.

TechWorks has the adequate understanding to create travel technology and software solutions that is ‘state-of-art’ and ‘cost-effective’. We convert the technology expense into an Opex rather than having large Capex spends during these troubled times.



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TechWorks uses advanced travel technology that de-dupes hotel content from multiple sources & provides smart personalized bookable data that guarantees profits.