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ata deduplication is defined as the process “that eliminates excessive copies of data and significantly decreases storage capacity requirements.”

In the travel technology sphere, deduplication is an important process for travel companies. As they integrate multiple channels and sources through the API key from different suppliers, much of the content received would be similar data and thus that would be classified as duplicate data. As defined above, duplicate data would occupy storage space thus limiting the opportunity to bring in new data. Deduplication in the travel industry is the utilisation of technology to find unique information points about hotels. When the travel company wants to bring in information from multiple sources. Deduplication would eliminate duplicate data received from multiple channels and provide unique content. De-duping will help travel sellers with ensuring that they are not displaying the hotel more than once because it comes in different formats from different sellers.

Figure 1: Deduplication Process illustrated by IBM

Data Deduplication has many benefits from efficient storage allocation to providing cost savings to optimising networks to having a more efficient data centre. The process of Deduplication only writes in the unique data into the server thus more storage to be allocated to bring in more unique data. Eliminating the deduplicated data also allows you to save on paying for more storage space and more money on updating hardware. When deduplication is performed at the source, it frees up bandwidth to optimise network performance and reliability. It also leads to efficient use of software and hardware requirements with substantial reductions in storage and thus a more efficient data centre. By eliminating duplicate data and thus data that is redundant, it optimises backup recovery processes and allows businesses to maintain their plan.

At, we provide content de-duplication while we integrate data from multiple channels to help you optimise your integration process. We would de-duplicate information on descriptions of the hotel and the rooms, the types of rooms, the amenities and facilities of the hotel and other key information about the hotel. The hotel integration and deduplication services would help travel companies save cost on labour and investment in technology and allow them to focus solely on their selling their products while the team would work on optimising the online infrastructure of the travel company.



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